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Mr. Kostial

Mr. Bill Kostial


I am a '92 graduate of Hopewell High School and graduated from Gannon University in '96 with a B.S. in Elementary Education. Previously, I taught 3rd grade for 10 years at Kane Road Elementary and I've taught 5th grade here at the Jr. High since 2008. 


My classes consist of math and science. The math classes include the philosophy of the Everyday Math program. While in science we participate in Trout in the Classroom (TIC), which gives each student the opportunity to participate in hands on learning.

I am looking forward to an exciting and fun filled school year with an awesome experience! To prepare ourselves for my classroom the following are expected:

Classroom Rules and Expectations:
1. Be Prepared
2. Be Responsible
3. Be Respectful


Course Syllabus:

The key components of the Everyday Math program are to solve problems using everyday situations, develop concepts through hands-on explorations and activities, practice through games, and provide ongoing cumulative review of skills previously taught. Our focus is to build on and reinforce previously learned skills. Fifth grade math instructs students in skills that are necessary to apply mathematical concepts to everyday situations. We focus on geometry, computation, problem solving, logical reasoning, probability, and application.

Course Grading:

End of Unit tests, quizzes, occasional math boxes, and homework.


Science Course Syllabus:

In the Animal Diversity and Environments unit, students are introduced to many animals and their behaviors. Lessons include: Mollusks, worms, arthropods and echinoderms; fish, amphibians and reptiles; birds and mammals.

Example of a classroom activity:

Raising brook trout. This activity starts in November as eggs are placed in the classroom fish tank and then by May the brook trout are grown and released by the students to a nearby stream. There is quite a bit of involvement throughout the year as the fish develop. I'm looking forward to my students becoming involved, interested, and excited about this project!!

Course Grading:

End of Unit tests, lab journals.

Math Homework

Math Homework
If absent 1 to 2 days please complete your next 2 study link pages.
If absent more than 2 days please email me for assignments.
Visit everyday math website for study links, rescources, games, etc!
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