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Mr. Thellman

Mr. Thellman's Classes

Telephone Number:  724-375-7765  Ext. 4218
Email Address:  [email protected]

B.A. in Business Management from Westminster College
Teaching Certificate in Secondary Mathematics from Geneva College
This will be my 16th year of teaching in the Hopewell Area School System

Classroom Rules:
1.  Be on time.
2.  Be prepared.  ( Pencil, Notebook, Textbook, Planner and Assignments)
3.  Respect yourself and all other students.
4.  Work to the bell.

Algebra 1 is a more intensive approach to Algebra focusing on a variety of algebraic topics to include:  linear equations, polynomials, factoring, graphing, working with rational and irrational numbers and developing problem solving skills.

Algebra 1A covers the first part of an Algebra 1 course with the focus on problem solving of various algebraic functions relative to patterns and linear functions, proportional and linear functions, computation, measurement, and estimation, multiple representations, functions/number systems, reasoning and connections.

Math 8 covers the second portion of the "Bridge to Algebra" Program that engages students in problem solving through concrete, real life scenarios.  The course is comprised of a traditional classroom approach to instruction with exposure to a cognitive computer based tutor.  Topics to be covered include:  fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, percents, proportions, computation and some Geometry terms.
Students will be graded using the following scale.
98% - 100%     A+
93% - 97%       A
90% - 92%       A-
87% - 89%       B+
83% - 86%       B
80% - 82%       B-
77% - 79%       C+
73% - 76%       C
70% - 72%       C-
67% - 69%       D+
63% - 66%       D
60% - 62%       D-
59% or less       E
All grades will be calculated using total points.
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