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Submission Instructions


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How to submit your fitness logs and projects

After you have completed the entries for EACH WEEK, submit your log by following the directions below.  Weekly activity logs must be submitted before midnight on Friday night of each week.  

These directions are for school issued Chromebooks using Google Docs to edit the file.  If you use something other than your school issued Chromebook and Google Docs to complete your fitness logs you must figure out how to export your document as a PDF. 

These same instructions can also be used to submit your project files which include

Part 1

    • First and Last fitness logs.  These must include Fitnessgram test, reflection questions, and fitness activity logs. 

Part 2

    • Google Slideshow

Exporting the time log as a PDF
  1. Click on “File” in the menu bar.

  2. Click on “Download”

  3. Click on “PDF Document (.pdf)

At this point your document will be in your Downloads folder.

  1. Click on the start menu and click on the Files application

  2. Click on the “Downloads” folder on the left

  3. Use the expanding arrow to locate a folder to save all of your fitness logs (It may be easier to create this prior to saving any of your files).

  4. Drag the fitness log file into the folder in your Google Drive.

Submitting your time logs using the submission form. 

  1. Open the submission form.

  2. Complete the first several questions.

  3. Click on “Add File”

  4. Select “My Drive” and locate the folder that contains your submission.

  5. Select your file and click on “Insert”

  6. Click “Submit”


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