Project 2 - Sport/Fitness

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Project 2 - Sport/Fitness

Project Description

Create a Google slide presentation about a sport or fitness activity of your choice.


To research and present information about a chosen sport, including its physical fitness requirements, rules, history, benefits, and famous athletes from this sport.

Project Components:

  • Sport Selection:
    • Choose a sport or fitness activity you are interested in from the list provided or approved by your cyber instructor.
  • Research (30 points):
    • Students research the chosen sport and gather information on:
      • Physical fitness requirements and how each relates to the sport (e.g., strength, endurance, flexibility).
      • Rules and regulations of the sport.
      • History and origins of the sport.
      • Benefits of participating in the sport (physical, mental, social).
    • Sources should be cited appropriately (e.g., books, websites, interviews).

Here's an outline of the information to be included in your project:
  • Title: Choose Your Sport/Fitness Activity
  • Directions:  Include the following information in your project.
  • Slide 1:  Information to include: your name, class, title of sport and date.
  • Slide 2:   Sport Selection (At least 2 sentences each)
    • Explanation of why the chosen sport was selected.
    • Personal interest or experiences related to the sport.
    • Any prior knowledge or familiarity with the sport.
  • Slides 3-5:  Research Information:
    • Rules and Regulations:
      • Overview of the basic rules and regulations governing the sport.
      • Explanation of how the game is played, including rules, scoring, positions, and strategies.
    • History and Origins:
      • Historical background of the sport, including its origins and evolution.
      • Notable milestones or events in the sport's history.
      • Name two notable sports figures in the selected sport/activity
    • Benefits of Participation:
      • Discussion of the physical, mental, and social benefits associated with participating in the sport.
  • Slide 6-8: Physical Fitness Components of the Sport/Activity
    • Warm-up/Cool Down:
      • Name at least 2 appropriate warm-up and cool down exercises specific to the chosen sport. Explain why they are appropriate and how to do them.
    • Skills and Techniques:
      • Explanation of fundamental skills and techniques required for the sport (e.g., shooting, passing, dribbling).
  • Slide 9:  Who is famous for this Sport/Activity
    • Name of athlete, sport, years active, accomplishments
  • Slide 10: Conclusion
    • Recap of key points covered in the presentation.
    • Reflection on what was learned throughout the project.
    • Closing remarks on the importance of physical fitness and sports participation.
  • Slide 11: References
    • List of all sources used during the research process, including books, websites, and interviews.
    • Proper citation format for each source.  (,
  • Other:  Presentation of google slides:
    • Use of visual aids ( images, videos, types of awards given in the sport) to enhance understanding and engagement.
    • Information is organized with the information above.
    • Check for grammar and spelling

Choices of Sport/Activity:  Choose a Sport/Activity from this extensive list.

Circuit Training
Field Hockey
Ice Skating
Martial Arts
Mountain Climbing
Ping Pong
Weight Training


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