Project 1 - Fitness Log

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Project 1 - Fitness Log


The project for the first part of Online Physical Education is closely connected to the weekly fitness logs and has two parts.

  1. Initial Fitness log with Fitnessgram Testing
    1. Occurs the first week of the course
    2. All 6 Fitnessgram tests must be completed during the first week of the course.
    3. Requires the student to create SMART goals and reflect on them each week.
    4. Submit initial scores, goals, and reflections.

  2. Final Fitness log with Fitnessgram Testing
    1. Occurs the last week of the first part (quarter) of the course.
    2. All 6 Fitnessgram tests must be completed during the last week of the course.
    3. Submit final scores

The project document is available in Edgenuity course as well as this webpage.  The links for the various Fitnessgram Tests are also available In Edgenuity and this webpage.  

Fitnessgram Testing Information

Review the information found on the following websites.

The following links provide the instructions for each test.  Complete these tests and recorde your scores in the project document.

Evaluation - Check your scores against the Healthy Zone Ranges and then answer the following questions on the project document to create SMART goals.

  1. What goals would you like to accomplish for each of the Health Related Components of Fitness?
  2. Do you want to improve on anything, maintain any category?
  3. How can you incorporate, maintain your goals based on the Smart Goals Chart (see below)?
The SMART Goals image shows the acronym SMART down the left side of the image. Next to each letter is the word that correlates to each letter and the definition of each part. On the right side of the image are simple icons of a target, a sheet of paper and an arrow, a mountain scene with a flag, a pencil with a checkmark and squiggles, and a small calendar with a date circled. The text reads: S - Specific - Make your goal specific and narrow for more effective planning M - Measurable - Make sure your goal and progress are measurable A - Achievable - Make sure you can reasonably accomplish your goal within a certain time frame R - Relevant - Your goal should align with your values and long-term objectives T - Time-based - Set a realistic but ambitious end date to clarify task prioritization and increase motivation

For part two of the project you will complete the Fitnessgram Testing during the last week of the course and record the scores in the Post Test Scores column of the table.  


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