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Weekly Fitness Log

PE Fitness Log Directions

  • Each student will keep their fitness log on the Google Doc provided.  Complete a new document each week and make sure to save them in a folder in your Google Drive.

  • Acceptable activities that can be recorded in the journal are activities that require the use of the majority of your body - i.e. running, strength training, biking, swimming, cutting the grass, walking the dog, dancing, cleaning the house, etc…

  • The activity should be approximately 30 minutes which would equate to 4 journals per week. You may track any activity per day that totals 30min.
  • Your logs must be kept for 9 weeks of activity.  This involves engaging in 2 hours of physical activity each week (that is not school related).

  • You need to record your heart rate at the beginning, during, and at the end of each activity.  

    • Finding your Heart Rate: (Must be done for each fitness log entry)
      • Locate your heart rate either on your wrist (palm up on the side closest to the thumb or on the side of your neck) using your pointer and middle finger. 
      • Count the number of beats for 15 seconds.
      •  Multiply that number by 4 and that will give you your heart rate for 1 minute.
  • You also need to record your intensity level. This can be done at the beginning of the class once and then recorded in a notebook for future reference.

    • Determining your Intensity Level:
      • Calculate your maximum heart rate (MHR) using the Tanaka Method of Calculating MHR which is used primarily for sporadic exercises.

        • MHR= 208 - ( 0.7 x (Your Age in Years))

        • Example for an 18 year old.  
          • MHR = 208 - (0.7 x 18) (The part in parentheses must be completed first)
          • MHR = 208 - (2.6)
          • MHR = 195.4 - The fastest your heart rate should beat during exercise

      • Calculate your low, medium, and high intensity levels

        • Low Intensity is 50% to 60% of your MHR
        • Medium Intensity is 61% to 70% of your MHR
        • High Intensity is 71% to 85% of your MHR

        • Example calculations for an 18 year old
          • Low Intensity:
            • 50% of MHR= 195 x .50 = 98
            • 60% of MHR= 195 x .60 = 117
          • Medium Intensity
            • 61% of MHR= 195 x .61 = 119
            • 70% of MHR= 195 x .70 = 137
          • High Intensity
            • 71% of MHR= 195 x .71 = 138
            • 80% of MHR= 195 x .80 = 166

  • Finally, you must answer reflection questions on how this week's fitness activities relate to the fitness goals and Fitnessgram testing that you completed during the first week of the course. 

  • Submit the completed fitness log using the instructions FOUND HERE.


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