Honors Pre-Algebra

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Honors Pre-Algebra

Honors Pre-Algebra 7

Class Overview:
This is a 7th grade honors Pre-Algebra course.  The course focuses on expanding Algebraic concepts and preparing the students for Algebra I.  In class, students are often required to apply their learning to many different real world situations.  The students must be able to think critically and explain how they solve various complex problems. 


Grades are based on total points.  Every assignment, quiz, test, project, is assigned a set amount of points based on length and difficulty.  Grades are determined by dividing the total points a student earned by how many points were possible.  That number is then converted into a percent by multiplying it by 100.

Homework assignments are normally worth 2 points each.  A student receives full credit for turning in a complete assignment on time.  Students may turn in complete late homework for half credit up until the test for that chapter.  After a chapter test has been taken, no further make up work will be accepted for that chapter.
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