Cell structure vocabulary

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Cell structure vocabulary

Cell vocabulary worksheet with answers

Cell  Structure and Function Vocabulary

1. cytoskeleton

Helps maintain cell shape

2. ribosomes

Makes proteins

3. nucleus

Directs all cell activities

4. mitochondria

Breaks down food and releases energy

5. Cell wall

Tough outer covering of plant cells that protects and keeps its shape

6. Endoplasmic reticulum

Folded membranes that process and move materials

7. vacuoles

Stores materials

8. nucleolus

Found in nucleus and makes ribosomes

9. Eukaryotic cell

Have membrane bound structures

10. Golgi body

Sort proteins and package them into vesicles

11. organelles

Structures that carry on the cell’s processes

12. chloroplast

Green organelles where food is made in plant cells

13. cytoplasm

Gel-like mixture that contains hereditary material

14. organ

Made of 2 or more different types of tissues that work together

15 .vesicle

deliver materials throughout the cell

16. Prokaryotic cell

Do not have membrane bound structures

17. Cell membrane

Protective outer covering of the cell

18. tissue

Group of similar cells that work together

19. lysosome

Breaks down food, waste and old cell parts

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