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Mrs. Palochak-Fourth Grade

 About me!
My name is Mrs. Jennifer Palochak.  I have been teaching in the Hopewell Area School District for 15 years.  I spent my first 4 years teaching 4th grade at Independence Elementary.  I taught 6th grade Math and Science for 9 years.  I am now teaching 4th grade and Margaret Ross!  I like to make a safe and fun environment for my students to learn!!

I have been happily married to Rob Palochak for 18 years and have 2 amazing little boys, Drew (11) & Troy (9). 

 Contact Me!
My email is [email protected]

 Grading Scale
Classes are graded by points!
90-100%  A
80-89%   B
70-79%   C
60-69%   D

 Classroom Rules and Expectations
*Be Prepared
*Be Polite
*Be Respectful
*Be Responsible


J Praise J

J DoJo points J

J Reward Menu J

J Auction J

J Class Reward J


K Warning K

K Lose a DoJo point K

L Email Home L

L Write Up L




 About Everyday Math

           We have a block of around 90 minutes for math. We start the day by practicing our multiplication math facts by doing Bubble Math then checking homework. This is a great review of the previous day. Mental Math and a Math Message follow. I then begin instruction using the Math Journal. Finally, we work on a Math Box which reviews previous lessons and basic math skills. I have found that we sometimes have time at the end of the period for students to work on the homework. This allows them to ask any questions concerning the homework.

           I have told students that if they do not understand something in the homework and have asked someone at home to help and still don’t understand, to have you write a little note on the Study Link to let me know. I don’t want them to lose homework points if they don’t understand, but I also don’t want them to use “not understanding” as an excuse to not do their work.

Each student has 3 books:

Math Journal~ This journal is used for instruction and review. Math boxes are made up of basic math facts and review of previous lessons that were taught. Some Math Boxes may be graded!! ALL WORK in this book is corrected in class. ALL STUDENTS should always have the correct answers so that they can use this book, along with the Study Link workbook, to practice and review.  

Student Reference Book (SRB)~This book is used as an informational book and will stay in the classroom. During some of the math boxes, students can go into the SRB to find answers if the “book” symbol is in the box. If they are having trouble understanding any of the information, please have your child bring this book home as a reference. 

Home Link Book~ This is the workbook that we use for our homework assignments. I give homework every night…except for Fridays (usually)!!! All Homework is reviewed at the beginning of each class. Students are expected to correct all work during the review. It is also stressed that students show all work in an organized manner on the “lined” side of each homework assignment. Homework will be considered incomplete if work is not shown. An Incomplete Assignment stamp in the planner will inform you. 

 About Science

This year I will be teaching from 2 Foss Kits.   They will be graded on their participation during investigations and completion of study Guides. 

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