Classroom Management

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Classroom Management


The following materials need to be brought to class every day.

  • A pencil
  • School planner
  • Book of choice for reading
  • Folder for handouts




  • Come prepared with above listed materials, ready to learn
  • Respect everyone in class
  • Be on time
  • Work hard
  • Raise hand to speak, leave seat, or use the hall pass
  • Obtain any work missed due to absence (see classroom calendar)
  • Complete work on time



  1. Copy homework assignment into planner (side board).
  2. The first 10 minutes of class is silent reading time. During silent reading everyone is expected to read an book. During this time, you may go to the library to return or get a new book (depending upon library schedule).This is the time to quietly get any missed work from the calendar if you were absent.
  3. Volunteer will pass out journals
  4. Day’s lesson
  5. Closure: Volunteer will collect journals




An inability to follow the expectations and routines will result in the following consequences

  1. A verbal warning
  2. Lunch detention (parents notified)
  3. Write up and parents notified


Hallpass: If you are in the bathroom or hallways, you are missing classroom instruction. Hallpass use should be limited and should not exceed 1-2 times per week. Parents will be notified if this privilege is being abused.


Absences:You are responsible for obtaining any work you miss due to an absence. The classroom calendar should be checked, and any handouts or worksheets should be obtained. If an assignment was due the day you missed, it is your responsibility to turn it in upon return to school. Failure to do so will result in a loss of points from the assignment. Tests missed due to absence should be made up upon return, and it is your responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher for test make-ups. Make-up test may be done during silent reading (for smaller tests), during homeroom, or during lunch.

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