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 Course Name
MSLA700CY  7th Grade English
MSLA750CY  7th Grade Honors English
MSLA800CY  8th Grade English
MSLA850CY  8th Grade Honors English
EN100CY  Cyber English 9
EN110CY  Cyber English 9 Academic
EN120CY  Cyber English 9 Honors
EN200CY  Cyber English 10
EN210CY  Cyber English 10 Academic
EN220CY  Cyber English 10 Honors
EN400CY  Cyber Vocational English 12
EN500CY  Cyber American Literature 11
EN510CY  Cyber British Literature 12
EN900CY  Cyber Speech
Social Studies
 Course Name
MSSS700CY  7th Grade World History
MSSS800CY  8th Grade Civics & Economics
CY220   Cyber Sociology Part 1 @
CY225   Cyber Sociology Part 2 @
HI100CY   Cyber US History I
HI110CY   Cyber US History I Academic
HI120CY   Cyber US History I Honors
HI200CY   Cyber World History 10
HI210CY   Cyber World History 10 Academic
HI220CY   Cyber World History 10 Honors
HI300CY   Cyber US History II 
HI310CY   Cyber US History II Academic
HI320CY   Cyber US History II Honors
HI410CY   Cyber Econ/POD 12 Academic
HI600CY   Cyber Intro to Psychology 1 @
HI610CY   Cyber Intro to Psychology 2 @ 
Code   Course Name
MSMA100CY  Pre-Algebra
MSMA200CY  Algebra I
MSMA300CY  Honors Geometry
MA210CY  Cyber Algebra Concepts IA
MA220CY  Cyber Algebra Concepts IB 
MA230CY  Cyber Algebra I 9
MA240CY  Cyber Algebra II Concepts 11
MA250CY  Cyber Algebra II 11-12
MA260CY  Cyber Accelerated Algebra II 10
MA300CY  Cyber Geometry Concepts 10
MA310CY  Cyber Geometry 10
 MA320CY  Cyber Accelerated Geometry 9
MA400CY  Cyber Algebra III/Trig 12
MA500CY  Cyber Intro Statistics @
 Course Name
MSSC700CY  7th Grade Integrated Science
MSSC800CY  8th Grade Integrated Science
 Cyber Intro to Anatomy Part 1 @  
 Cyber Intro to Anatomy Part 2 @
SC110CY  Cyber Intro to Scientific Methods
SC120CY  Cyber Physical Science
SC200CY  Cyber Biology I
SC210CY  Cyber Accelerated Biology 9
SC300CY  Cyber Chemistry I
SC310CY  Cyber Accelerated Chemistry 10
SC400CY  Cyber Physics
Code   Course Name
MSHE700CY  7th Grade Health/PE @
MSHE800CY  8th Grade Health/PE
PE700CY  Cyber Health @
PE710CY  Cyber Physical Ed @
 Course Name
BE100CY  Cyber Personal Keyboarding @
BE200CY  Cyber Intro to Business A @
BE210CY  Cyber Intro to Business B @
 BE400CY  Cyber Business   Law I @
BE600CY  Cyber Entrepreneurship @
BE700CY  Cyber Personal Finance @
BE810CY  Cyber Intro to Digital Awareness@
CY210   Cyber Leadership Career Dev @

Foreign Language
 Course Name
FL100CY  Cyber Spanish I
FL110CY  Cyber Spanish II

@ 1/2 Credit Semester Course 

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