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Focusing on the Finest at Hopewell Elementary
Students of the Month
Posted 1/11/2016 at 1:57:33 PM by Robert Kartychak [staff member]
Students of the Month

Student of the Month

Mrs. Kane and I like to recognize two students each month that demonstrate one or more of the following characteristics: care towards others, organizational skills, leadership, time on task, responsible, and acting safely. The students can be nominated by any staff member. We believe these characteristics lend themselves as the framework to maintain success in the classroom as well develop into responsible citizens.

Children that are awarded Students of the Month have their names read at the monthly School Board meeting, picture displayed in the lobby, and are given a certificate for their achievement. Mrs. Kane and I are proud to have these student leaders in our buildings!

Keep up the good work.

(This picture was created by a fourth grade Independence Elementary Student in the spring of 2015)


This past fall, Lisa Kozlowski, Kim Petrina, and Leah Meehan started a Girls on the Run Club at Hopewell Elementary.  In two of their lessons, along with running, the girls learned about community and the impact that one person can give to change it for the better.  The girls brainstormed, created and executed their own community service product. 

The girls were broken into 3 groups.  Each group had to come up with their top three concerns for change in the community, and then vote for their favorite.  Each group presented on the one they chose.  Finally, they all voted on the cause that they would help develop for their project.  They chose ADAA which is the Anxiety Depression Alliance of America.  They chose this because one of the members of the group, has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).  Her presentation was so powerful that it lead the girls in that direction to find a place that helped individuals with OCD.  It was a very motivating experience.

The students decided to have a bake sale to raise money to donate to ADAA.  Along with baked goods they wanted to sell “Fidgets.”  These are items that those who suffer with OCD use as a calming mechanism.  They girls thought it would be a great way to talk about why they were raising money for that cause.

They baked the treats, bagged them and sold them all on their own.  In just three short days, they created, developed and executed this project to raise $200.00 for ADAA. 

            Not only do they get to learn character education and how to make a difference in this world, they would also train for a 5K (a little over three miles).  On Sunday December 6th, the girls participated in the Fall GIRLS on the RUN 5k at North Park.  They all finished and were quite proud of themselves (as were the staff and club sponsors of Hopewell Elementary).

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