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Hopewell Area School District
Junior High and High School
Credit Recovery Guidelines for 2024

Summer School Session Schedule: June 17 - July 25 
Courses are virtual, there is not a synchronous component

Academic Expectations

The district offers summer school through online programming using virtual courses through Edgenuity. Students are expected to make daily progress through diligent effort. Ultimately, students are responsible for completion of any/all course requirements. All coursework must be completed by July 25, 2024, by 3pm.

Consistent with the credit recovery guidelines, students must complete 100% of the course and earn an actual grade of 60% or higher to pass and recover the credit for the course.


Credit Recovery Registration Link

Students can register using the link above. Once tuition has been paid (See Tuition Fees/Balance Due), students will be registered for the course and have their spot reserved.

Students in grades 7-11 can take a maximum of 2 courses. Courses for students in grades 7-11 are only offered in core subject areas – English, Science, Math, Physical Education and Social Studies. Students in grade 12 may take more than 2 credits with approval by the principal. In addition to core subjects, students may also choose from the following electives, if needed for graduation:

Anatomy I, Anatomy II, Intro to Business A, Intro to Business B, Leadership and Career Development, Personal Finance, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Sociology, Intro to Psychology I, Intro to Psychology II

Please see your counselor with any questions. All payments should be submitted through the main office of your child’s respective school, checks made payable to “Hopewell Area School District”.

Tuition Fees / Balance Due 

Each course costs $150. Payments should be made through the main office of your child’s respective school by the first day the courses open. If full payment is not made, students will not be permitted to start the course until payment is made in full. If a check is returned due to insufficient funds, a cash payment must cover the balance due within seven days of notification.

Attendance Guidelines

In order to complete courses by the established deadlines, students should work a minimum number of hours per day as indicated below.

  • .5 Cyber credit = 8 hours per week 
  • 1 Cyber credit = 15 hours per week
  • 1.5 Cyber credits = 23 hours per week 
  • 2 Cyber credits = 30 hours per week

Academic Expectations

All students are expected to make diligent academic progress each session. Students are required to use a District Chromebook to complete Credit Recovery coursework. Moreover, as students work through courses, they will need to check content, text, passages, etc. for accuracy to answer various types of questions. Copying and pasting from the Internet is a form of cheating. All work should be summarized or paraphrased, meaning students put information in their own words. Other forms of cheating, outlined in the student handbook under Violations of Academic Honesty, also apply during Summer School. The district continues to monitor student computer usage also through our Securly monitoring system.
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