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Community Invitation for Discussion Concerning the Swatting Event on March 29, 2023

Communication sent to families on 5-5-2023 regarding HASD hosting community forums to discuss the false intruder-alert (swatting) call on 3-29-2023. District families are invited to attend any of the meetings noted below.

Family Email 5-5-2023.pdf

Meeting locations, dates, and times:

Hopewell Elementary (Library) May 10 (5PM) -Before PTA meeting.

Junior High School (Library) May 15 (6PM).

Central Office (Board Room) May 16 (12PM) -For those needing a daytime option.

Senior High School (Gym Entrance -Classroom) May 16 (6PM).

Independence Elementary (Library) May 17 (6PM).

Margaret Ross Elementary (Library) May 25 (6PM) -Before PTA meeting.

Attached are the communications sent to district families via the district's mass notification system for the false intruder-alert (swatting) call made for Hopewell Area HS on 3-29-2023, which culminated in district lockdowns at all schools and evacuations at the HS and JHS.

Family Email 3-29-2023 (#1).pdf

Family Email 3-29-2023 (#2).pdf

Family Email 4-2-2023.pdf