Todd, Dave

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Todd, Dave

Mr Todd

(724) 378-8565 ext 2308
Mr. Todd attended Clarion University and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree and then a Juris Doctor at Drake University School of Law. He has been a teacher at Hopewell Area School District since 1986.

Economics Syllabus

First 9 Weeks
Unit 1: Economics and Choice
Chapter 1 - Economic Way of Thinking
Chapter 2 - Economic Systems
Chapter 3 - American Free Enterprise
Unit 2: Market Economics at Work
Chapter 4 - Demand
Chapter 5 - Supply
Chapter 6 - Demand, Supply, Prices
Chapter 7 - Market Structures
Second 9 Weeks
Unit 4: Money, Banking, Finance
Chapter 10 - Money and Banking
Unit 6: Role of Government in the Economy
Chapter 14 - Government Revenue and Spending
Chapter 15 - Using Fiscal Policy
Chapter 16 - The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy

POD Syllabus

First 9 Weeks
Unit 1: Foundations of American Government
Chapter 1 - People and Government
Chapter 2 - Origins of American Government
Chapter 3 - The Constitution: A Living Document
Chapter 4 - Our Federal System
Second 9 Weeks
Unit 2: Citizenship and Civil Liberties
Chapter 13 - Constitutional Freedoms
Chapter 14 - Citizenship Freedoms
Chapter 15 - Law in America
Chapter 12 - Supreme Court Decision Making


Class Rules:

1. Be on time for class.

2. Be prepared for class (textbook, pen/pencil, notebooks)

3. Be repsectful to others in the classroom.

1. Total points acquired by the student will be compared to the total points offered during the grading period.
2. Points will be based on chapter tests, quizzes, homework and other outside assignments.
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